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About Us

Our Mission

Fourah Bay Community Foundation – North Carolina Inc. exists to provide educational advancement, vocational scholarships, job training, and to strive to improve the health of the citizens of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Educational Institutions

Many of the elementary schools in Freetown, except for missionary owned schools are operated by the municipality of Freetown, the Freetown City Council and/or the Ministry of Education. The schools are woefully underfunded due to budgetary constraints and they lack adequate desks and chairs, computers, teaching aids, text books, electricity, and they have overcrowded classrooms.

Many parents struggle to meet the cost of basic education due to high unemployment of the adult population thus leading to high dropout rate of students. Fourah Bay Community Foundation – North Carolina Inc. is working to mitigate this sad situation by not only providing the students with scholarships, but also helping the adult population with job training opportunities.

Our Programs

Our programs include:

  • Providing educational scholarships and school supplies to deserving and needy children in Freetown.
  • Providing school equipments such as computers and learning aids as well as furniture to the schools of Freetown.
  • Providing job training scholarships and basic training tools to interested school dropouts and to unemployed adults.
  • Providing free basic clothing assistance to the needy and the less fortunate people in the community.
  • Providing free dental hygiene and free preventive medical health care and education to the people of the Freetown.

Our long term goal is to establish a health clinic facility which will provide free medical screening and health education to the citizens of Freetown. In order to accomplish this goal, the Foundation plans to employ volunteer community nurses and volunteer medical doctors in Freetown who would provide the health screening and preventive health education.

Our health screening and education would cover the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes prevention and management
  • Cholesterol management
  • Dental hygiene
  • Malaria prevention
  • General hygiene

Sponsorship Needs

We need sponsorship through donation of medicines and medical supplies, tooth pastes and brushes, portable blood pressure machines, diabetes test strips, mosquito nets, vitamins, pain killers, Aspirins including Baby Aspirins, as well as health educational literatures and magazines.

Educational Scholarship and Job Training Program sponsorship information:

Educational scholarship – Schedule of annual tuition & supplies fees per student:

1.Elementary school: $50 – $80
2.Junior Secondary school (Middle school): $150 – $170
3.Senior Secondary school (High School): $180 – $220
4.College: $800 – $1,100 (excluding accommodation)
5.Technical institutes: $350 – $450

Employment & Job Training – Schedule of annual job training and supplies cost per candidate:

1.Training tool kit: $75
2.Subsidy to Trainer: $100
3.Total: $175

Fourah Bay Community Foundation – North Carolina Inc. will partner with local small businesses in Freetown for a three-to-five year apprenticeship training for prospective youths and unemployed adults to enable them to learn a trade or skill in order to empower them to make an earning.

A startup tool kit will be provided to each candidate together with some financial incentives in the form of grants that will be made available to business partners who support the job training program.

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